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Iskandar Malaysia Eco-Life Challenge 2020

Total of 265 schools submitted their electricity bills, water bills, recycling receipts and project reports for the school project competition. The total carbon reduction by participating schools and families in IMELC 2020 is 697,334.03 kgCO2 . If the pattern was replicated to all 546 schools and 55,000 families, in 1 year 8,492,335.31 kgCO2 can be reduced . RM19,172.05 electricity bills and RM29,192.39 water bills were saved and RM52,930.61 was collected from recycling. Therefore, a total of RM101,291.05 was saved and earned by the participating schools in IMELC 2020. If the pattern was replicated to all 546 schools, in a year RM15,278307.67 can be saved and earned. Therefore, on average , a school can save and earn RM6,138.01 in a year while per household RM360.68 in a year through IMELC 2020.